DE-927內部通話PTT按鈕導線 DE-927內部通話PTT導線

This unite allows communications between:
● Pilot and passengers.
● Pilot to pilot within cockpit.
● Pilot to communication tower.

The intercom is characterized by:
● aircraft powered operation with possibility of internal 9V battery operation, in case of aircraft power failure.
● 4 feet power cord for airplanes with cigarette lighter socket. Voice activation to initiate communication.
● Compatibility with P.T.T.Switch in transmit mode.
● Fail safe radio communications while intercom is off, allowing the pilot to hear all radio communications and to respond by means of the headset boom microphone.
● auxiliary audio input.
● Auxiliary audio output.
● Power cord for aircraft cigarette lighter.
● Aux in for four way intercom. Physical specifications of the intercom are:
● Weight: 14 oz.
● Size: 4” x 2.9” x 2”
● Power: 11-34 VDC.
● Max current drain 0.05 amperes (up to 40 hours operation in battery mode).
● Comopatible with most applicable environmental specifications.The intercom is controllable by:
● On/off power switch.
● Volume control.
● Squelch control for the variation of background noise.

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