M-87 dynamic microphone

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The M-87 dynamic microphone is a moving voice coil type microphone designed for use on a headband type headset. The microphone is intended to provide audio communications under high noise conditions found in military, civilian and general aviation aircraft.
It is designed and constructed from quality durable high strength PC plastic as well as corrosion resistant metals meeting or exceeding the environmental.
Baseline Performance Characteristics:



Frequency response

200Hz to 6000Hz

Sound pressure level

127 ± 3db SPL /1Mw/1cm at 1KHz, Input 0.273Vrms


5 ohms ,75 ohms or 150 ohms ±15 ohms At 1KHz 1Vrms

Temperature range

-20℃ to +60℃
-20℃ Duration: 96 hours
+60℃ Duration: 96 hours


Less than 5% at 1KHz 1mW/1cm

Load test

Input power 10Mw pink noise 48 hours

Humidity test

Temperature : +40℃±3℃

Relative Humidity

90% ~ 95%


48 hours (recovery 6 hours)

Drop test

Drop it no to concrete surface in 3 directions
Height: 1M
Cycle: 10 cycles

Vibration test

Frequency: 1800 cycles/min.
Amplitude: 1.5mm
Duration: 1 hour in each of 3axes

Terminal strength test

Load 1.5 Kg
Duration: 15sec(shall be normal)

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